About me

I am a final year doctoral student at Department of Mathematics, Washington University in Saint Louis working under guidance of Dr. Brett D. Wick. My research focuses on harmonic analysis, operator theory, functional analysis and complex analysis of several variables.

My primary area of research includes classical questions in harmonic analysis such as “Two weight inequalities Calderón-Zygmund operators on spaces of homogeneous type”. In my most recent article we have formulated principles of sparse domination in generality of homogeneous spaces under natural minimal structural assumptions. My work also focuses on connections between harmonic analysis, complex analysis of several variables, functional analysis and (nonlinear) PDEs. I have worked extensively on commutators and researched boundedness and compactness characterization of commutators of general Calderón-Zygmund opertors, Cauchy-type integral commutators on Morrey spaces.

I am an individual with a lot of commitment and zeal and I have assiduously worked on innovative teaching methods. I have taught numerous courses as research scholar at Washington University both in person and online. Collaborative learning experience has been the bedrock and focal point of my teaching methodology. I have encouraged active participation and ensured that no student is left behind. I am committed to developing and honing my skills as a professional.